Sunday, 28 June 2009

Customer of the day #10

I suppose I can't blame this boy for being so confused. After all, a straight tunnel lined with numbers in chronological order is tricky navigational feat, even for the best of us.

Customer: Excuse me, where is 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'?

Me: That's in Cinema 4.

Customer: Is that the one that says 'Night at the Museum'?

Me: No, it's the one that says 'Transformers'.

Customer: Is it the one in the 5?

Me: No, you want the one with the big number 4 on it.

Customer: I can't see a number 4.

Me: It's down the end. After 5. It has green doors.

Customer: OK.

I'm not sure how I did it, but somehow I managed to convince him that he really was meant to go where his ticket (and the numbers on the doors) were telling him to go.


Oh, and as a little side note: Who brings their 2 year old daughter to see 'Transformers'? I mean, honestly, it's violent, loud and filled with sex scenes and metal music. Admittedly we don't have many kids movies on at the moment, but even so.
But, apparently, more than one family last night didn't see that as a problem.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Customer of the day #9

... is not so much crazy as a little bit creepy.

I was standing at the tunnel entrance (where the cinemas hide) waiting to check people's tickets and pretend I care if they enjoy their movie or not. A man comes towards me, his arms laden with candy-bar goodies.

He says, "My ticket's just in my front pocket there, love."

Apparently he saw nothing strange in what he was proposing, which was that I (a girl young enough to be his daughter) reach in and feel around in the front pocket of his jeans for a ticket which may, or may not, be there.

My response: "Ummm... why don't I just hold onto the popcorn for you?"


I also have a quote for you, from our friend Crazy Football Fan:

"English is the bastardised language of pretty much every European language in the world."

That is opposed to European languages not of this world. I suppose he has a fair point in that.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Lady K's contribution to world affairs

This is not my wonderful creative genius shining through, but my sister's:

"I have to have a Tupperware party. Its a long stpry (sic), I'm not going into it. However, I need to rebel against it in my own little way, so I constructed an invitation about gender based consumption and guilt marketing but thought it might be a little harsh. Then, in a rare sober moment, I started to think of taglines for Tupperware. Here are a few, you can join in the fun:

- Tupperware. Just Seal It.

- Got a secret? Tupperware. The only airtight seal with a lifetime guarantee.*

and my personal favourite:

- Tupperware and How to Win Friends and Influence People. See mutual exclusivity live and in techni-colour.

Anyway. So as I was thinking of these I thought I missed my blog, then I thought I should just get you or Zosia to post them on my behalf. But I think this is a happy compromise.

*This works for Swine Flu instead of secrets but I think the colour will date."

If you like, K, you could join up as a member of my blog and just add a post or two when the mood takes you. It's llike having your own blog but without the responsibility. (Which I think might suit you) ;)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Quick movie review

I saw 'The Hangover' last night and it was fantastic!
Truly excellent and I know that it was good because I spotted a juxtaposition or two in there and if there are techniques like that in a film, it's clearly something worth studying in an English lesson.

That said, it might not be something for the faint hearted. There's a lot of swearing, a few car crashes, some strippers and everything else you'd expect in Vegas. (and a bit more) But there are are some excellent lines, the actors do a great job and you really believe all of what's going on

I heartily recommend it. Four stars. :)

I can't seem to post the actual video on here, but if you follow this link:
there's a quick preview.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Customer of the day #8

Goes to...

The little boy who decided to do star jumps in the doorway of the ladies' toilets.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

You know that feeling you get when something has taken over your mind and you just know that you have to blog about it? Well, I don't seem to have that at the moment.