Friday, 18 July 2008


Remember back when you were a wee little thing and you used to grab the little white stick left behind after a lollipop and pretend you were smoking? Remember those magical lollies called ‘Fags’ (white sticks with red tips) that came in a box decorated with rosie-cheeked kids, such as yourself, also smoking? If you were a really tuff kid you might even buy lolly cigars called ‘Big Boss’ that came with a picture of an unshaven gangster smoking a real cigar.

But these innocent piece of subliminal advertising belong to a world of the past. Now when when you walk into a lollyshop you’ll find far safer pictures on the boxes of these well loved products, nothing to give kids dangerous ideas.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Party Down

That's us ^ and this is how we do it when we do it in the 21st Century.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Not something you use to cut rocks in half

PS:I want to tell you all about a little word that is very close to my heart and to my funny-bone;


You are all, I'm sure, familiar with the word 'rock' and such as phrases as "rockin' the suburbs" and "rock my socks". Well, The Young People of Today just aren't content and decided to up the impressiveness of the word by making it... a palindrome! So it became 'roxor'. (Or even 'roxorz' if you're really hardcore)
Then, of course, it needed a rhyme hence the phrase "to roxor one's boxors".

I just explained this to my brother and both of us decided it needed to be put out there on the blogosphere. So now it is and now you can all say "That roxorz my boxors!" with confidence.

PS: The irony has not escaped me that by making 'roxor' 'roxors' (or 'roxorz') the palindrome-ness is lost.

PPS: This all started because we found this article:

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Post-Post-After-Post-After-After Party

Well the Formal has been and gone and somewhere off in the distance people are still celebrating (possibly this is Before Party in the Great Circle of Time and we're just getting in early)

It was a fun night all in all. I spent most of the day in the city looking for a headpiece and a new bra then arrived home and did a couple of loads of washing before actually starting to get ready. Then got a bit worried that we'd be late and rang up friends to find that they were all still getting their hair done and started renewed worry that I would be the first to arrive at the pre-party and be forced to make awkward conversation with parents. It was ok, a few people were there before me and awkward conversation was by-passed by my friend's mother and aunt who decided my new bra needed adjusting and safety pinning to my dress.

Then on to the Big Event, the highlights of which include:
-Losing the Miss Priss award to the only male nominee (mind you, he spent lots, lots more time on his hair that night than I have in my life)
-Dancing the Time Warp and the Macarena with most of my yearlevel (and teachers looking on bemused)
-Watching my old Physics teacher linedance
-The group photo with my friends and our funny word cards (these include gems such as 'Seattle', 'squirrel', 'cordless phone' and 'mukluk')