Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sundae Afternoon

I've just had an ice cream party. That's right folks - it seemed like the best thing to do since I wanted to see my friends before leaving the country* and we've had 40+ temperatures for the past few days and will continue to do so for some time into the future. (Adelaide's longest extreme heat wave since 1908).
So we all made our own sundaes. I supplied 3 different ice creams, sprinkles, choc sprinkles, blueberries, strawberries, Kit-Kats, choc wafers, vanilla wafers, whipped cream fizzy drinks (for making spiders) and I made two-layered jelly. I felt like such a good hostess - a real one too, from the '50s.

This party may not have fulfilled the same the checkpoints as Zosia's ( ) but, for a party sans-alcohol, I think these make it fairly impressive:

1. Someone who has just been promoted to manager of a fast food "restaurant" faked sick to be there.

2. Someone else poured whipped cream on their chest (then added wafers and blueberries which fell off)

3. We drank coconut milk from a coconut shell.

4. The dishwasher was completely filled from party dishes alone. (No one in this house has even had dinner yet).

5. You (the host) are given a giant jar of Vegemite as a going away present.

*What? Didn't I tell you? Well, I'm going to Oman for three weeks.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Quick review

Since there's not a lot I can blog about in my own life at the moment (aside from my killer sunburn which isn't particularly interesting) I'm going to do a quick review of the movies playing at my place of work.

Bedtime Stories This is staring Adam Sandler so we're already off to a bad start. The fact it's rated G amazes me given all the oh-so-subtle references to things of a sexual nature. It does have a few things working in its favour though; we get to see Adam Sandler get hit by a fireball and there is a hamster with large, comical eyes... and, that's it.

Bride Wars Now this one I just know Femmy would love. Two best friends, both are each others' maids-of-honour, but their weddings are booked on the same day and a sneaky bitch fest ensues. I give the writers a bit of credit for at least coming up with a story line that hasn't been done to death, there are also a few decent one-liners but the whole thing feels a bit over the top. That said, if you just want some cheap laughs, nothing too sentimental or thought provoking then this one gets a gold star.

Madagascar 2 The penguins are awesome, they rock the suburbs as does King Julian (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) but too much of the movie's focus is on the lion, giraffe, hippo and zebra for my liking.

Marely and Me A rather sentimental film about a family dog. Some decent funny bits but Jennifer Aniston kind of annoys me outside of Friends. For me, this one falls between the basic two catagories of movies; 'Worth Seeing on an Intellectual Level' and 'Good For a Few Light Laughs' so I can't heartily recommend it.

Revolutionary Road Finally, something decent! Well acted, well directed, appropriate music and good costuming. This one seems to be lacking nothing, unless of course you are the woman who sat next to me in the cinema who laughed through her nose at the most inappropriate moments and exclaimed "What?!" as the credits started. I loved this one but maybe it's a bit too subtle for some.

Seven Pounds This is the movie the lady mentioned up there ^ should have seen. It pretends, rather convincingly, to be a movie 'Worth Seeing on an Intellectual Level' but things are spelled out enough so that no one gets left behind.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button I know people will disagree with me on this one but, to me, Benjamin Button is another try hard intellectual film and very long. (Clocks in at almost 3 hours) I don't understand everyone's great desire to see it, especially since most of them ask for a ticket to "The Curious Case of What's-his-name".

Yes Man Falls very nicely into the 'Good For a Few Light Laughs' category. The storyline is fun and Jim Carey makes me lol (possibly even rofl). This film is nothing deep and meaningful but that's OK because it doesn't need to be. It's like Liar Liar but with fewer squirm worthy sexual references.

We have one or two others showing that I can't really comment on because I haven't seen them yet; Slumdog Millionaire and Valkyrie both look like they'd be excellent and Bolt looks a bit silly but I assume there'd be some funny bits here and there. (Possibly Valkyrie looks appealing to me because Eddie Izzard is in it but that's no reason to turn it down) ;)

Monday, 12 January 2009


The latest piece of newstainment, is that I am back and being creative! Just look at this, folks, I now have a stylish new bag to go with any outfit and all for under 50 dollars!

I made the bag from an inside-out skirt I found in an op-shop.

Belt: 50 cents
Skirt: $1
Pockets: Free (from my mother's scrap bag)

Extra costs: 2 hours spent negotiating with the sewing machine

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Good news

I've been officially promoted! As of next week I get to sit down on a cushy chair for my whole shift and sell tickets that cost less than a medium combo.

Customer of the Day #4 and #5

That's right fans; two in one day! (Well technically 3)

The first one is short and sweet and (hopefully) from a mother of a toddler.
It is not uncommon for people to wander by and need to use our toilets. I have no problem with this (nor does anyone else there) so we always let them in.

Mother of toddler: "Excuse me, can we go in for wee-wees?"
Me: "Um, sure. Toilets are just down there."


The second is a bit longer and came from two young men whom I shall name Wanker1 and Wanker2. (They weren't quite up to bogan standards.)

Wanker1: (after walking into, and knocking over, the Bolt standee) "Hey can I have this?"
Me: "No."
Wanker1: "Aaaw. Why not?"
Me: "Because the movie hasn't come out yet. We need it here. But you might be able to come back and get it once the movie's finished."
Wanker2: "Can I have that?"
Me: "The bin?"
Wanker2: "Yeah, can I have it?"
Me: "No."
Wanker2: (pointing to a TV screen on the wall) "Well, can I have that?"
Me: "That's permanent. It needs to stay here."
Wanker1: "I'll just take this then."
Me: "No, I will be needing that pen."

You know what the best part is? They were not kidding. Both these guys had quite, for want of a better word, earnest faces and it was quite clear they weren't joking.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Hope it's a good one for you all. I'm planning to enjoy this one a lot (especially when all those Back To School sales start appearing).

I went to a New Year's Eve party last night and it was less than spectacular. But we did start 2009 by dancing the Time Warp which was both fun and ironic. The fireworks went for about 15 minutes and the bus I took home was quite full. I wore my glow sticks all night.

That's about all the detail I can be bothered with just now.

Happy 2009 and peace out.