Tuesday, 30 March 2010


The best discovery I made at work this week:
Finding the lunch I left from my last shift, still in the fridge the next day

The worst discovery I made at work this week:
I have to wear bunny ears from now until Easter is over

Monday, 22 March 2010

Can I 'ave spam instead then? #7

Lately all I've been getting in my spam folder is ads for viagra. If I had a penis and it was having trouble getting up, then this would be very handy - I might even be tempted to buy it from someone who can't spell "drugstore" correctly. (If I was getting desperate.)

So, it came as a nice surprise to hear from...
Kate Cohen

on the very optimistic and equally inclusive topic that is:
Diplomas for everybody!

So me

I just told my Mum about how I was so tired the other night that, with very little memory of what had happened in the lead up, I woke up and found myself lying on the bathroom mat, fully clothed.
Her response: "Oh, that is so you."

I'm not quite sure how I should take that. Does this mean my mother thinks it's normal for me to pass out in the middle of the floor? Or does she just think I'm so zen that I can discard the artificial comforts of this mortal coil so easily?

Up until now I would have thought it was, kind of, not me. But now my whole perception of self has been thrown in to doubt.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I see someone else has cottened on to this idea...


Further to that, I think this one has got to be a new favourite:

Short changed... literally, this time

As I may have mentioned in previous posts about the supermarket, we tend to attract... dubious types. The kind of people you tend to cross the street to avoid are the kinds of people I have serve on a regular basis (with a smile, of course).

Anyway, I had one of those the other day and his shopping came to $6.50*. I told him the price and he put $5.50 down on the counter so I told him he still needed another dollar.**

Begrudgingly, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of 5 cent coins and dropped them on the counter for me to count out. After I'd counted a dollar's worth, I pushed the rest back to him saying "You can keep the rest."

Then he left without taking the rest of the money, so I called out "Don't you want your change?"***

He came back and stood next to me (not on the customer side of the checkout - he invaded my personal, staff only space!) and, while breathing down my neck, carefully counted out the change. The he dropped it all on the counter again, tapped me on the shoulder and said "There's a tip," and walked away!

WTF was that all about?

* Unsurprisingly, these people never buy large amounts of stuff. What is surprising is the kind of stuff they buy. eg: One sausage and 4 packets of batteries over a series of trips within about 10 minutes of each other.

** This may sound harsh but this job has taken away most of my sympathy for such people (along with my faith in humanity).

*** See? I'm not a total bitch.