Wednesday, 20 February 2008

What's wrong with L33T?

First, let me apologise to my readers who have maturity levels beyond that of a school student and look at things in perspective, because this blog will sound like a whiny teenager to you (which it is, but let's pretend otherwise).
I'm in year 12 this year and this disadvantages of this year (stress, mental breakdowns, extra extra homework, etc) are all greatly outweighed by a few simple things: We own this school, year 12 is the year when other students just move out of your way in corridors, teachers put you as top priority and, in general, there are various unspoken rules allowing you to get better service at the tuckshop, take the good seats in the library and make the year 11s feel inferior (and the year 10s, 9s ... well, everyone really except the year 6s 'cause they're so small and cute)

But, what is it that gives us this power? (and it's certainly not height) It is our Jumpers.

Currently we are deciding the nicknames we get written on the front of our Jumper but the teachers have decided not everything was appropriate and are not allowing some names. Some of these seem fair enough not to allow:

But then there are others which are not being allowed for who knows what reason:
T bag
Madam Butterfly
Colonel Sanders
and Nerd Girl. Yes, that's right people, I had to fight for my right to call myself a nerd! It took me half the day and a lot of running to various teachers to finally be allowed to keep that name of my jumper. But even then they wouldn't let me write in L33T speak (N3RD G1RL).
Honestly, what sort of society do we live in where you get called in to speak to the Deputy Principal about something like that?

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

How not to pass highschool

> Order all you text books after school has started

> Go to bed too late and wake up too early. Often

> Choose subjects that all require an Independant Study which you need to work on throughout the year

> Live in an area where buses are unrelaiable, thus making you late and scattered

> Start a subject you have had no previous experience with as your only science subject for Year 12

> Procrastinate on the internet instead of starting your homework

> Spend your frees lessons in the Year 12 Study Hall (has unofficialy been renamed the Party Room)

> Get lulled into a false sense of security when teachers tell you that you'll be fine with all the work.