Tuesday, 18 November 2008

All done!

I'm finished! Euphoria has ensued and today it's raining which is great! I love rain, especially in November.
Five exams, all done like a dog's dinner. Now I can do all those things I promised myself not to do during year 12. Oh happy day!

There's really not much more to say until something exciting happens to me (which I'm almost sure it will since I'm now young, single and FREE!) ...That's not 'free' in any sort of sexual way, just to be clear.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Armaments and the origins of the First World War

Yes, it is every bit as dull as it sounds. Possibly more so.

In case you're wondering, it wasn't Germany's fault. It was everyone's fault and I feel no sympathy for any of these countries. Well, maybe a bit for Bosnia because they were ruled by a man with a silly mustache and that's got to hurt a country's pride.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Current favourite phrase

"That's gonna be as easy as pie! In fact, it'll be easier than pie, it'll be as easy as reconstituted egg."

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Curses! Foiled again

I am well aware of the fact that, at home, I tend to get sidetracked with things like washing dishes, answering numerous calls for other people, wearing my new high heels around the house so I get used to them (I swear that's the only reason), posting blogs, getting calls from tele-marketers and giving up on explaining I don't want the thing they're selling because they can't hear me all the way over in India so just hanging up, (sorry if that last sentence wasn't as well structured as it could have been) and playing computer games. I make no excuse for playing the games, I was deliberately avoiding study and there are no two ways about it.

So, today I had planned to go out to school or the library so that I would study better for my last exam (insert celebration dance here). Then the Summer heat we thought would never come, came. 36ÂșC today and I do not have enough faith in AdelaideMetro to get me where I need to go in under an hour.

And to top it all off - the computer froze so I couldn't save my game, I can't even time-waste effectively.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Historic starts with H

Before I can continue this post, I must say something close to my heart:

This is not an historic day. This is A historic day.
I have watched the news on every channel and not one journalist, not even on ABC, has got that right and it has been grating my nerves.

Phew. Got that out of the way.

So, yay! The good one got in! I must say though, as much as I disagree with his politics, I do admire John McCain. He's had a lot against him in this campaign but he never got bitchy or whiny and his concession speech was extremely admirable.

The celebrations after Obama's victory made me a bit heart sore, I think the segregation issue might finally come to a close with this and it makes me so excited and so glad to have witnessed it. One day I can tell my kids what it felt like to see it all unfold.

Peace out.

PS: Can you believe I posted about this before Femmy? Neither can I!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Final Cram

My head's filling up with
words, words, words
None of them mine
Rather from
Plath, Orwell, Auden and Kroll

Quotes and references,
Direct and indirect
Fill up the Living Room
inside my head

Ibsen and Kirkup
take up the couch
While past and future essays
flutter by casually

Tomorrow they'll have to leave
Only to be replaced
by formuli, molecular structures and the digestive system

Who will have just settled in
When verb conjugations
muscle their way in,
Helped by their pals; irregular verbs.
Some take avere, others take essere (these must agree)

But they will only be kicked out
by the Bolsheviks
who'll commandeer the couch
The Jacobins and Sans Culottes will stand by the fire
And Bismark, Churchill and Wilson
will hover by the coffee table

For one long dinner party
After which, my Living Room head will empty

With only scraps of quotes or statistics
and a wine stained carpet
to remember the year by.

Customer of the Day #2

While nothing can ever quite top the live chickens guy, I do think this one was still worth sharing:

Girl with a group friends: "Can we get two large combos?"

( I go to get two buckets of popcorn and two litres of Coke)

Girl: "Woah! That's way too big!" (turns to group) "So what else do you want?"