Wednesday, 26 March 2008

How could the limo be my biggest worry?

My school formal is comming up soon and numbers need to be finalised NOW (yep, Caps Lock was needed there). My main problem is not that I am depserately lonely and need a boyfriend to go with, no, it is the limo. The limo which I did not organise, was not asked if I wanted and would be quite happy without.
Two of my friends (a couple) have organised this and accomated for 10 people, each paying $40. 10 people actually means them and 4 friends with dates, so far one of us has succeded in that area and now there is tremendous pressure on the rest of us to find a date this week or cough up the rest of the money. Why can't we just go as friends? That was what I expected we would do but suddenly everyone wants to find a date and I'm feeling the pressure now because of the limo costs that is literally the only reason and it has caused me to right the following lists:
Boys I could ask
Girls I could ask
Other people to put in the stupid limo
Alternate means of transport

Goodness golly gosh, I haven't even bought my dress yet! How am I going to find a partner whose hair won't clash with the material I pick out?

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

To that nice girl in the ice cream shop

I met such a lovely person today.
I went to get an ice cream at a little place near my bus stop outside work and when the girl was half way through scooping my honeycomb caramel I realised I was a bit short (this isn't the cheapest shopping district in Adelaide) and I told the girl not to worry but she just said "Well, I'll have to waste the ice cream anyway. Why don't you give me what you have, you can the ice cream and I'll put it through as something else."

Isn't that so lovely? After that I felt I should be especially nice to people around me to make up for that lovely deed done unto me.

Now if that happened at my work the person short of change would be told, in no uncertain terms, that $6.50 for a packet of M&Ms is a perfectly acceptable rate and if you can't afford it, what are you doing in *suburb name withheld*? (Well, we do try to be a bit polite about it. We hint at the ATM outside and all that.) Makes me feel a little guilty really, I wish I worked somewhere that allowed me to be nice to customers.