Sunday, 31 August 2008


Hi guys,

I'M 18! (That happened on Monday and so did the start of mid-year exams) my week has been OK; the positives and negatives balanced each other out well.

I have a funny story to post but you'll have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to hear it because tomorrow I have another exam and my Independent Study presentation on Tuesday but after that I'm here and free for the blogging about.
I had a swell party yesterday which I'll tell you all about when I get my life back.


PS: I saw Jacob the other day, he was driving his car.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

My Dream Job

I have decided what I’m meant to do in life: I’m going to be a PA.
It’s perfect for me really, I get to write To Do lists and schedules and then someone else does all the stuff I’ve written on them. Then I get to cross of the things they’ve done. It’s all the bits about lists I love without all the bits I hate (i.e.: having to do the stuff). Not only that, I get to be around stationary all day!
… Why one Earth didn’t I think of this earlier?

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Emo

I should start by saying that this is not a bitching sesh, this is a lol sesh.
I'll be turning 18 soon (w00t) and I'm having an emo themed party and a friend of mine asked for help with her costume because (going to a private all-girls protestant school) she isn't quite sure what "emo" looks like.
On my google cruise, I found this gem:
A few of my favourite quotes include:

"Emo fashion is much different than any other type of style. Emo kids tend to come off as being outsiders. This carries through on their sense of style."
(It seems emo grammar is much different too.)

"Emo poems and quotes are very emotional and sad. Emo kids typicall write these poems to express their inner hurt."
To exemplify this new style of "emotional and sad" poetry, the site has provided this:
two shots of hate from a mouth as loud as a gun,
like an assasin ... who does it for fun.

two deafening blows in a war that has just begun,
life gone away...i'm done.

two red roses sitting on my coffin, the wind blows, leaving only one
the world i know the setting sun.

And a personal fav:
"Loosely defined, Emo music is music that is highly emotional and very straightforward in the expression of that emotion."