Saturday, 20 December 2008

Crazy anecdotes

So I just thought I'd tell you about one of the characters at my place of work, this one I will call Zia because she's like a crazy aunt in an Agatha Christie novel and she's Italian.

She is the one who's been working there for about 30 years and once nominated herself for employee of the month (sorry, team member of the month).

Her anecdote for today (which, actually, she does rather a lot) was moving bags. We make popcorn throughout the day and store it in big plastic (not re-usable) bags. Also, we have two bins in the back of Candy Bar (one is a bit bigger than the other) and Zia loves to bustle around in there taking all of the used popcorn bags out of the small bin and putting them in the big bin. She then likes to tell us young 'uns "Don't put the bags in this bin, love, it'll fill up too quickly." or "Now you know you're not supposed to put the bags in this bin, love, I've told you all a hundred times. That Whatshisname is the worst of course."

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Customer of the Day #3

As you may know if you have ever been to a cinema, it is common practice to have your ticket ripped before you go into the movie. You keep one half and we keep the other and if you need to leave and come back in it's as simple as flashing us your half of the ticket so we know you've paid to be there and already know where to go.

This is a concept which cannot be grasped by the general populous. I could go on and on about all the stupid people who stumble over what I would see as a relatively simple transaction, but I won't. I am here today to tell you about the best of the bunch.

This customer (who will henceforth be known as Sandman because he has curly hair and a permanent deadpan expression) had been hanging around the entrance most of the morning and had come up to me at one point asking

How long as Four Holidays been going?

Me: It should be out in about 10 minutes.

Sandman walks away without another word or expression.

~Later that day~

Sandman crosses the barrier where tickets must be checked.

Me: Do you have your ticket?

Sandman: Yes.
Then he continues walking without even a glance in my direction.

Most people get angry when you ask this, as if it's your fault that they're an idiot. Or they start on a long apology explaining exactly how and why they left their ticket behind and they're so sorry and they'll never ever do it again (which we all know they will). But not Sandman. Nope, he's way too cool for emotion or unnecessary conversation. He just keeps on walkin'.

Monday, 8 December 2008


I hate my phone network. I have been slightly annoyed with it in the past because of the stupid voice that goes "Hmm, it it appears the person you are trying to call is not available" when a phone is unanswered. But, on the whole, it's been pretty good to me and I was a little bit sad when it came time to admit that no one else is on this network and that makes it a bit expensive.

What I didn't count on is that it won't let me leave! I've spent all afternoon calling the old network, the new network and various people in India to no avail. I then went to their websites and found either no information or the old favourite "Error 404" when I see a link that looks promising.

I've had to go to several different websites (unofficial ones, I might add) to get any kind of help in switching networks and even then they tell me I need a particular code but don't tell me how to get it and nor does that ever so helpful introduction booklet.

When I tried the simple approach of just putting the new SIM in the phone I was told to "Insert correct SIM" and when I tried to activate the SIM from the phone I got an "Emergency only" message.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

I can so blog without school

It has not escaped my notice that my blog entries have been somewhat allusive of late. But don't worry fans, I have not deserted you yet! The trouble is, without school sagas I am a little short of stories. I upped (I love that the spell check considers that a real word) my hours at work but am still doing the bare minimum of one shift a week which means fewer crazy customer dealings and fewer stories.

So, in the absence of any real news, I may as well give you a quick update on my life in general.

~ As we all know school is done and, now that the last of the goodbye ceremonies are over and done with, I can get back to important stuff. Like thinking about blogging and then realising I have nothing to say.

~I've done something to my left wrist and it's been hurting for 2 days now. The bandage makes me itchy and I suspect does very little to help the wrist.

~ I recently found out that the guy who plays Luke on Gilmore Girls was also in Saw 4 and 5 and I am severely disappointed in him. I shake my head every time I think about it.

~ I've been reading more books which is great! When I feel like my mind is clear enough I can get started on The Affirmation which is written by the same author as The Prestige. If you know this author and his stories, you'll understand why I knew I'd never be able to focus enough on the book while doing year 12.

~ I had a girls only sleepover the other day. We watched lots of Disney movies and gossiped long into the night. It was great. (The original intention had been to reclaim our girlish innocence from years past but this is a bit tricky when you're old enough to pick up all the sexual reference Walt puts into his "children's" films)