Friday, 21 August 2009

What is the world coming to...

... when only one person, besides me, in my tutorial knew what the word 'satire' meant? And that one person was the teacher.

... when someone needs to ask for help in the post office because they're not sure which side of the envelope to write on or whether they need to use stamps.

... when university students need to ask what 'First Person' and 'Third Person' mean.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Customer of the day #11

A girl and a boy arrive at the candy bar. It's clearly a very busy night and the girl behind the counter is looking tired and frazzled.

Girl customer: Hi, can we have a large... (turns to her boyfriend)

Boy customer: Yeah, whatever.

Girl customer: OK. One of those please.


NG: So... did you want a large combo?

Girl customer: Confused expression No, we just wanted a large coke.

NG: Right, of course.


My fault really, I left all my mind reading equipment at home.


Edit: You remember my very first customer of the day? (The one who asked about live chickens in the cinema) Well, last night I served a woman who looked like a chicken. She even had a feathery jumper on.