Thursday, 22 November 2007


Currently it is late. Just after 10pm (not that late for all you party-goers out there, people who, unlike myself, have a social life. But late enough for my sister to tell me off when she reads this post and sees the pulication time.)
Anyway, it's late, I have two exams tomorrow and the day after that I will leave the country for two months. I am tried as all hell.

I had a really lovely date with my boyfriend today, our last date before I go (we finally succumbed to stereotypes and saw a movie togethher) which lead to a kind of argument, which lead to Deep and Meanigful which, in turn, lead to me extremely tired and (not wanting to sound like an American soap, but doing it anyway) emotianlly vulnerable.
The date did continue and... Nerd Boy is an apropriate blog identity I suppose... Nerd Boy was a right gentleman to me for the rest of the day, helping me off the bus and being very understanding about our D&M and generally trying to cheer me up, I think he felt a bit responsible.
In truth I'm not entirely sure why I'm so upset, I think it was the coming together of various stresses in my life at the moment (exams, packing for Italy, preparing STUFF for Italy like paperwork that makes no sense, work, school, going to another country for two months where I don't anyone and don't speak the language that well, spending Christmas away from the family, having to buy presents for my host family in the span of a week because I didn't even know where I was going until last week... to name a few)

Mum picked me up from my Italian exam today and we were going to go out to dinner but, instead, we went to see my grandpa who is very, very sick because Mum didn't want to leave him on his own (I don't blame her).
When we got there he was so pale, he wasn't walking properly and he barely spoke. I'm so scared, I was already feeling over sensitive and this just tipped me over the edge. I don't want him to die.

Friday, 9 November 2007

My Blogging Future

Well, I'm obviously very bad at spreading news about myself because for the last few weeks I have been having numerous conversations like this:

Friend: We should do that [activity we were just discussing] in the holidays together.
Me: But I won't be here.
Friend: What? Where are you going?
Me: Italy! You remember that exchange I've been talking about?
Friend: When did you say that?

So I will say, to my cyber friends at least, I am going to Italy the day after I finish exams and I will be there for two months. Hopefully, when I return I will be able to speak the language and this thought is what will be keeping me going when I think that I will be spending Christmas in a strange country without anyone I know, I will not have my two month (well earned) holiday because I still go to school in Italy and I am leaving on my boyfriend's and my anniversary. (I don't usually go in for that anniversary crap, it seems like an excuse to buy presents you don't need. But I'll miss him.)

However, I think I will be blogging rather a lot, for two reasons:
1. I will need an outlet to speak English.
2. It's faster than letters, allows for replies and is more reliable than the Italian postal service.

So, you can look forward to many more of my amusing stories. Hooray!

PS: Aside from the interruption I mentioned earlier, the drama performance went really well. We had fun and there's a cast party next week to blog about.

My Day

I was in the middle of a drama performance this afternoon and a guy from my English class came in (backstage) and told me that I needed to hand in our latest essay right away

it's worth 30% of our grade

I hadn't written a conclusion

if I didn't hand it in right then I would get a 0.

Ohhhhh.... SHIT!