Sunday, 21 October 2007

A milestone!

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the press, your Majesty (who, for some reason, do not come under the title of 'ladies and gentlemen') I would like to announce a milestone! I have amazed myself and others and actually managed to remember my password long enough to have posted... a FIFTH entry! *insert mad whoops and cheers here*
So, what to write in this, my most significant blog yet?

...Hadn't actually thought about that yet.

OK, I have a query;
Why do we place such importance on sex?

When you think about it, there are two (biological) risks
1. Pregnancy (before you're ready)
2. An STD
Both of these can, as far as we know, be prevented with contraception. (There are some women who are so fertile they can pregnant even with contraception but, for the sake of this argument, we'll ignore that for now.)

Before people had connected sex and pregnancy, it wasn't really that big a deal. If a woman was pregnant before marriage it didn't damage her reputation at all because people thought pregnancy was a totally random event, over which they had no control. (This is why we talk about someone "falling pregnant" and "falling ill", people didn't realise there was a way to prevent either disease or pregnancy.)

STDs are something we've only discovered recently, true, they do place a need for trust on sexual relationships but sex had this hallowed place in our mind long before that.

Most religions tell us that sex should be in marriage and in marriage only. Is this because, when these religions were evolving, a woman couldn't trust a man to help her look after a baby without being married to him?
So is it just that we've had it drummed into us that sex is near sinful that we see it as such an uncomfortable subject?

Do we want to see ourselves as a step above animals who have sex whenever they like? But animals eat and drink whenever they like too and so do we.

I'm not saying we should be having orgies all the time or sleeping with anyone we see, but I'm curious. Why do people see sex as such a big deal? Why has our society now been divided into people who talk about sex constantly and read magazines telling them the best rated sexual positions, as opposed to people who still see it as something between to people, to be treasured and kept secret?
I've never been able to explain a boy why girls are so careful when it comes to sex. Sure, they say things like "I know it's a big deal for you" but I don't think they really know why. (Not wanting to offend anyone, I know not all boys are sex obsessed chauvinistic pigs)

So, tell me your thoughts on the subject.

(I could go on but, this post is getting pretty long and I'm sick of the sound of my own typing)

Friday, 12 October 2007

The Apostrophe

The Apostrophe, that is to say, this happy little fellow: ' is being sorely mistreated by today's writers. I notice apostrophe abuse even in the writings of otherwise perfect punctuators (yes, I love alliteration). So here is my message to the world (sit up straight and pay attention)
The Apostrophe has two uses:

1. To indicate where a letter is missing such as "don't". The o in "not" is missing and apostrophe lets you know this. This is called a Contraction.

2. To indicate ownership such as "Sally's bike" Sally owns the bike, it is the bike of Sally. But, because English speakers don't have time to say the words "bike of", we use apostrophe s.

These are the ONLY TIMES you use an apostrophe. There is something of a grey area though, when it comes to the word "it". Let me clear it up;

If you want to say "it is", you would shorten this to "it's" (the missing i gets an apostrophe to replace it)

If "it" owns something, you do NOT use an apostrophe. This is because "it" is an object and one object cannot own another object. So instead, you would say "its".

To review what we've learnt:
Apostrophes are always used in contractions (don't, can't, won't, I've, we're, etc)
Apostrophes are usually used to show possession, but not with "it"

If your use of an apostrophe doesn't fall into either category it is wrong. One thing that really annoys me is when people write CD's or something to that effect.
"I bought 3 CD's yesterday" is wrong
"I bought 3 CDs yesterday" is right

"We're all 6's and 7's today" is wrong
"We're all 6s and 7s today" is right (alternately, you could write the number as a word; "sixes and sevens")

One last point, if more than person owns something, the apostrophe goes after the s.
eg: "The bikes of the girls" becomes "The girls' bikes"
"The tree of the boys" becomes "The boys' tree"

But if the word is plural without an s (children, men, mice, etc)
You would say "The children's bikes"
"The mice's cheese"
and so on.

PS: Sorry if I've come across sounding really arrogant and snobby, it's just that this really gets to me and if I can reach just one person who will no longer be an apostrophe abuser, I'll die happy.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Today's blog will be written by George

Dear World,
my name is George. I am a spectacular pair of glasses. Currently, I reside in a charming blue and black, fully furnished glasses case.
I've run out of things to say now, so I'll hand the blog back to Nerd Girl;

>.>.>.~.My Addiction.~.<.<.<
Now, much as I dislike the current practice of using punctuation however you damn well please and not for its original purpose (emoticons are an exception), I wanted to make the title stand out and forgot the html code for bold text. No doubt it will come back to me but I can't be bothered changing that title now.

Anyway, my current addiction I just have to share with the world: I sign in to msn and check who's on, regardless of whether I start a conversation or not, I will then open the internet, go onto to Neopets and start playing a game. Neopets is filled with mindless games to play while talking to people or waiting for things to load. I've earnt several tens of thousands of neopoints from amount of games I play. I realised just then that I was addicted because my hand went instinctively to the place where a game window would usually sit on my desktop screen, found none and I felt empty inside.
So I madly searched for a new game and came up with Meepit Juice Break "In this game you are controlling the Juice-O-Matic, an overly complicated machine designed to deliver fresh Juppie Juice to Meepits." I have come to the following conclusion: Meepits are fugly, annoying little creatures who do not deserve the juice I give them and the Juice-O-Matic is... there are no words to describe, play the game and you'll see what I mean.

I'm now playing Destruct-O Match 2, which is much better. I recommend it (along with Snowmuncher, Meerca Chase, Ultimate Bullseye and Goparokko).
To anyone who wants to join this world of crazily named, addictive games, go here:

PS: I did remember the coding for bold text after all. w00t

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Let's get some viewer responses!

This is probably an optimistc post because my blog does not (yet) have a cult following so I don't know how many responses I'll get.
BUT, I'll ask anyway: What's your favourite party game and why? Anything from Spin the Bottle to Musical Chairs, tell me how to play it and why it rocks your socks. Then, I'll play it at my next partay (hopefully with friends).
Not much more I can say here, so I'll close by saying:
Peace out, don't forget to include idiots in thank you speeches too.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Baby's first blog

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I like fish! =3
OK, I've tried blogging in the past... don't think I ever got past 4 entries before I forgot the password. I will, however, attempt to be less scatty in the future and hopefully this blog will work out. (It's not you, bloggy honey, it's me)
I will say this: my grammar is 98% perfect. (There are a few details I'm unsure about) I seem to recall having an argument with a teacher once because what she had written on my homework was incorrect. Another time I got the twitches because a relief teacher for year 12 English (leaving year high school) wrote "Hamlets Soliloquie's" on the board for them to copy down. In no way was that right... it's just not cricket, as my mother would say.
But, on the interweb, I'm a bit more forgiving and I make mistakes too. :) There wasn't really any reason for saying that, I just wanted someone to listen.

Well, assuming you didn't fall asleep in that little grammar rant, you obviously want to read more of my blog! (Hehe, poor fools... yay! Two oo words in a row!)

I predict this blog will be mostly comments on life, maybe a few of my dramas, amusing anecdotes and such like. For now (since I have none of the above to report on) I will give you a quick run down on my view on Life:
Be happy. I am a teenager and should, by nature, be angsty most of the time but I really can't be bothered. I have a great life, it's not the best maybe (divorced parents, money's a bit tight at times, etc) but I like it. I think about how lucky I am to have what I have and be able to do what I can do. When you only have one shot at living (reincarnation doesn't count because you're not supposed to remember past lives) why would you want to spend that time being miserable?
So, I enjoy simple things and I try not to let bad stuff bother me anymore. Whatever happens I like to think of as an experience to draw on later in life. Now, if you're thinking of asking me "How can I be happy when there are so many bad things in the world?"
I say this "Will being miserable make them better?" No, it will not. What will help is actually getting off your ass and doing something about them. Every little bit helps. (I sound so sicky sweet, I'm practically oozing)
Hmm... I think that's about it for now.

Oh yeah, my favourite colour is purple. The rest, you'll learn later. Toodles. :P