Monday, 22 March 2010

So me

I just told my Mum about how I was so tired the other night that, with very little memory of what had happened in the lead up, I woke up and found myself lying on the bathroom mat, fully clothed.
Her response: "Oh, that is so you."

I'm not quite sure how I should take that. Does this mean my mother thinks it's normal for me to pass out in the middle of the floor? Or does she just think I'm so zen that I can discard the artificial comforts of this mortal coil so easily?

Up until now I would have thought it was, kind of, not me. But now my whole perception of self has been thrown in to doubt.

1 comment:

Lady K said...

Zen. You are totally Zen.

And when you were very little, you used to fall asleep anywhere. So maybe you have regressed. In a very Zen way.