Sunday, 6 June 2010

Short changed - SA edition

I am serving a middle aged couple who have only bought a few small things.

Me: Would you like a bag for these?

Customer: Yes, of course. (she sees me scanning the bag) What are you doing that for? Don't you provide bags?

Me: We have a law in South Australia that says we can't give bags out for free anymore. These are just 15 cents, but I could leave it out if you like.

Customer: huffily No, we need it. How long has this been going on?

Me: Um, about a year and half?

Customer's husband: It sort of puts you off coming to South Australia doesn't it?

Me: quite pleasantly Well it does mean we don't have so many plastic bags in our streets.

Customer:Well, I come from Melbourne and we don't have any plastic bags on our streets.


I'm sorry? Did you say 'Melbourne' in the same sentence as 'no plastic bags'? Had I been a bit quicker witted, I could have told them that by returning two bottles or cans to the recycling plant they would make their money back plus a 25% bonus - another thing they don't have in Melbourne - but, oh well.


Boston Who Drives A Dodge said...

There are lots of things they don't have in Melbourne. Spelling and pronunciation, for starters! ... *mumble mumble, Melburnian, even the spell checker knows that's not right, mumble mumble, dint, they can't tell me it's short for indintation, mumble mumble, and then they ask where I'm from, because I talk funny, mumble mumble* ...

Nerd Girl said...

Well, given that you say 'dance' instead of 'dence', you clearly must be from England... pom.

Good to see you around, Boston. :)

Femikneesm said...

Yeah, it's really inconvinient to do something good for the planet. Groan!